Waffle: The Product Comparison Grid

Right off the top, let's be clear - that IS a baseball on a waffle.  Why? Because you can literally compare anything with Waffle, our product comparison tool for Shopify stores.

Yes, it looks odd, and you probably won't choose a baseball when presented with numerous other tasty choices to top your waffle. But, that's the beauty of showing customers what they ask for. Baseballs might just become a number one seller!

Waffle is launching now, and will be a helpful tool to many Shopify stores, particularly those with larger inventories or who have products with similar yet different technical specs.

waffle comparison grid for shopify stores with large inventories

Let's start by answering a few FAQ:

Why did you build a product comparison grid?

We chose to build a product comparison grid for a couple of reasons:

  1. Our team had seen the success of product comparisons on stores we manage and niche product blogs that we have worked with.
  2. We wanted a better way than updating tables on pages and in blog posts.
  3. When presented with an honest product comparison, sales rise for all products, not just the winner of the comparison.

Taking into these factors, particularly motivated to be more productive, we built a simple version of the Waffle app that we tested for months before launching in the Shopify App store. 

Who would be an ideal customer for Waffle?

There's two perfect scenarios that we've been building this for (and we're curious to see how others deploy it):

1. A Shopify Store with a large inventory, like a retailer, who carries the same product type from multiple vendors. This can lead to confusion and customers could leave if they do not see a clear choice between various products. In fact, price isn't always what people are looking for. They want to know they have made the right choice, and Waffle is designed to show them just that. Understanding that the brand, product and size is exactly what they want - similar to how a sales person can do this in a store.

2. A Shopify Store with a specific set of products that have differences but to a new customer, they might not know which product to choose. In this scenario, choosing the wrong product could lead to returns and unhappy customers. We want to avoid both of those costly issues by clearing highlighting the differences between the different products. As slight as they might be, we want to get the right product chosen, even if the difference isn't clear to the naked eye.

What's the goal for Waffle?

The goal is that Shopify Stores using Waffle will see a higher conversion rate, and increase customer satisfaction that leads to more loyal customers. Using the product comparison grid in blog posts will also leverage the proven SEO ranking power of niche blog sites to your Shopify Store.

Can I get Waffle - Product Comparison Grid?

Yes, it is live in the Shopify App Store.  

If you have a question, comment, or suggestion about Waffle or any of our Shopify Apps, please email hello@ultraclick.ca. We're here to help.