Now Available: Concentrate - the Shopify Product Filtering App.

Concentrate: Product Filtering app by Ultra Click Ecommerce

Our development team is excited for the launch of Concentrate - the app we designed to help Shopify stores with large inventories use advanced filtering to make shopping easier.

Concentrate is about just that for your customers: concentrating on the products they are interested in. Many large stores have more SKUs than a traditional department store! Can you imagine trying to find the appliance section when you walk in the entrance and find yourself surrounded by underwear? Concentrate is here to help.

Add Concentrate to your Shopify Store today!

Why We Built Concentrate: Product Filtering and Segmentation

Not all customers come to ecommerce stores for a specific product. If they don’t know what to punch in, they won’t use a site’s search feature. If customers are hunting for products, it means needing to add more tags and improve collections and product descriptions.

Some themes started to integrate multiple criteria filtering. We tried migrating some of our sites and it was a challenge to make it smooth, so we built our own.

The increased collaboration with vendors who see their products being better sorted encourages them to send traffic your way knowing that customers do not have to be shown their competitors when searching for a product.

Concentrate is designed for store owners who value showing a focused set of products and want to help their customers similar to being at a retail shop; ask a question and be pointed in the right direction.

Key Features:

Help Customers Find Products

Simplifying how shoppers browse your store and allowing them to quickly find products that narrow their purchasing decision with one search.

Share filtered results easily

Add a filtered set of products to your Shopify Store or share the link to promote a selection of products or a collection within one brand.

Pre-filter your best sellers

Filters update automatically based on their sales performance to include best sellers by subcategory and/or brand with embeddable results.

Concentrate filters products to make shopping easier for your customers - get it for Free today in the Shopify App Store.